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January 5
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Project ELISE - Future Woman Warriors by Gambargin by Gambargin Project ELISE - Future Woman Warriors by Gambargin by Gambargin
A Concept drawing for the future project as part of the Historically Wrong Sketch Series which focuses on portraying Woman Warriors, albeit, this time, PROJECT ELISE aims to portray future Woman Warriors in Military Combat Gear with all the relevant technologies, from the most mundane to the most absurd, as commonly depicted in sci-fi settings.

Musical Inspiration:… - Ace Combat Zero Main Theme

Science Fiction, hence the name, is a broad term for any setting that portray the future, or an alternative timeline which contradicts archeological and historical record. This can involve xenospecies, such as aliens, or strange technologies that ranges from conceptual to fantastic, which can either portray a realistic development of civilization, a utopian principles, or worst, a dystopian universe. One of the challenges in creating a Science Fiction Art is the portrayal of technology, it is entirely up to the artist imagination. This is different from drawing historical setting, where archeological records, historical notes and studies could be used as references.

Of course, this idea would be applied as well in Project ELISE, which is roughly set many centuries after the events of historically wrong sketch series, probably in 21XX AD or even further than that. Gone are the days of Noble Women Warriors in their beautiful battle attires, chivalry and the grace of having to partake in historical combat or duel. Future warfare are much more mechanic, where millions of live could perish at a press of a button and military mobilization can create a global conflict that would make the next war, as Einstein said, "Fought with Stick and Stones".

Nevertheless, it's refreshing to try something entirely new once the historical drawings have finished. I may not be the best in futuristic gears like many other artists here in DA, but there's always plenty of things to learn from creating something different :D

Credit to :iconmistasilentkiller: for the musical inspiration, and :iconbrandor-cat:, whose artworks have inspired the creation of initial Project ELISE. Be sure to check out their galleries and i'm pretty sure you'll find something to admire from their works. :)


ELISE series 2.1 - Model RBT02COM001 Manufactured by the joint effort of HARZberg Industries and EUFROZYNA Group.

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Hahaha YES! Steppe power armored warriors!!! More please! :)
HAHAHA! You'd the only one recognize these symbols i guess, the three dots and the Tridents =P
Tessakc Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love the armor design, very well done. :)
Thank you for the compliment john, really appreciated :)
Brandor-cat Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
DOOD.  This is super freakin' EPIC!  Extremely well done!  You make the best costume designs~
Thanks Mr Kat! Still, i believe your OC Nila would certainly kick more ass than ELISE, she's got a much more streamlined armor than this one :)
artlovr59 Jan 5, 2014   Photographer
Most interesting!
Thank you! Sci-fi certainly have a very different flavors than the historical (-ly wrong) series :D
artlovr59 Jan 9, 2014   Photographer
You're welcome.
I must confess I prefer the historical work! :)
So do i, i love history more :)
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