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October 1, 2013
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Historically Wrong Sketch Project: Blood and Steel by Gambargin Historically Wrong Sketch Project: Blood and Steel by Gambargin
"Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum"

I wish this drawing could be as epic as this music…

This is my first conceptual drawing for the upcoming project of Historically Wrong Sketch Series "Blood and Steel" which is set the age of enlightenment and exploration, circa early 1600s - early 1700s. The aim is to depict historically inaccurate drawings of women warriors based on the respective influential powers of the time (albeit in an alternative historical setting). As such, there will be a LOT of anachronism, but i try my best to depict each women warriors as accurately and as practically as possible.

After the conclusion of my first Historically Wrong Sketch Series that depicts women warriors in the middle ages, (initially started from a simple discussion in portraying them in practical armor, instead of fantastic chain mail bikinis), i wanted to explore another 2 historical period that are popular in the media, the era of classical antiquity as well as the age of exploration (post renaissance).

Project Blood and Steel will include some elements from the previous series, which you would be familiar with if you have been watching over them....mainly because i'm not that imaginative and there's about 1400 years worth of history to study :o. The main theme of the this series would be the zenith of the Turkish Orhan Empire that is preparing for their invasion of Europe, similar to that of the Ottomans in real life history. As such, the image of gallant Knight in Shining (and cumbersome) armor is replaced by professional soldiers and brutal warfare involving muskets, smoke, and idealism that contrasted the middle ages.

I have to honestly admit, I have a practically very minute knowledge about the post renaissance era warfare, armors, uniforms. Given the timeline, I'd prefer not to dwell into the Napoleonic era, (which will be another future project in itself) and I'm trying my best to dig deeper into the world's History that spans Africa, Europe and Asia.

I would really appreciate some suggestions, feedback or perhaps direction that can help me the project's drawings. You can check more on the about the countries on which the women warriors will be based on (the link is provided below). If your country is included in the map, by all means feel free to share your historical knowledge with me :)

And oh yeah, I think i will include Female Pirate as part of the drawings, just for the sake of fun :D

The characters depicted in the drawings are my early concept for the Women warriors that i include as part of the Project. They are from left to right:

1st. Boyarina Sviatoslava Novgor of the Tsardom of Rus. Descendant of the character from previous series, Knyaginya Olga Novgor . She is depicted in a very stylized Cossack attires.

2nd. Marquis Lorraine de Mause of the Empire of Francia, or simply the French. A new character concept based on the Royal Musketeers employed by the Bourbons in 17th century.

3rd. Ikhal Effendi Apek Ertugrulogu, dressed in stylized Janissary attires inspired by the real life counterpart worn during the era of Ottoman Empire. Developed from the concept


Faction Map of Project Blood and steel:

More on the Women Warriors of the Historically Wrong Sketch Series :…
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Another great work!
Your work is precise, delicate and balanced.
You get to multiply details without overloading your drawing.
Your works are strong pleasant to see.
In this drawing, you know the video game Mount and blade fire and sword?
Thank you for the praise as always!

Yes, i have played the game years back, it was good and quite inspiring as well :)

so so so very awesome. I think you're really refining your art or its just your special way how you capture the neat details in their costumes. The clothware of this age was(to my knowledge) abit more refined or more orientaded to little details and you portrayed it wonderfully. And with every drawing you bring more attitude or feeling in your characters. Artists can easily make the mistake of drawing pinups in historical costumes, in your case the women totally impersonate their character, they're not just women in costume. You feel they are warriors or at least earned the right to wear the military uniform.



My Dear Friend, Hope life's been keeping you and your art well!

Thank you for the nice compliment as ever, though my drawing might not be as good as another artist, it's always nice to try and portray them as an actual warrior than a heroic character or pin ups. These are normal people with different backgrounds after all, raised through volatile and brutal time where death and destruction were common.

You are right about this time period, armors are being phased out in favor of more brightly colored, flashy clothing. In my opinion it would probably because armor would be mostly useless against the penetration of musket ball, and the flashy uniform stands out to distinguish foes and friends in the middle of battle, filled with smoke and fire.
Nixdorfie Oct 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow! I LOVE the style you draw faces! :omg: and the details...
Really great!
Thank you so much for the compliment,

Face may look a bit cartoon-ish though, but i'm glad you like it :D
Nixdorfie Oct 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome!
Maybe that's the thing I love about it - in contrast to the realistic details it looks SOOO good, so clear and fresh :D very distinctive style!
Thanks Zuzanna!

Actually, i've just had a quick browse to your gallery, and apart from the nice pictures, you actually draw very nice fanart! I'll be digging deeper soon as i'm sure you have more beautiful works there :D
Nixdorfie Oct 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahh, thank you, I'm glad you like it. I personally don't have such a good opinion about it, but I'm planning to draw more and more as I've really taken to it, so hope it'll get better after some time :D
DreamsSurroundsUs Oct 3, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
I really like the first one and the way her hair hides a part of her face :)
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