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September 1, 2013
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Gunhildr Freysdottir vs Batuyisu Mangedei by Gambargin Gunhildr Freysdottir vs Batuyisu Mangedei by Gambargin

This Drawing is Outdated - Please see the Updated version in the Gallery Folder of Women Warriors of Historically Wrong Sketch Series: Medieval Revisited

See:Gunnhildr Freysdottir of Vikingrunionen (Norse) by Gambargin and Batuyisu Gonji Mangedei of Nodai-in Ulus (Mongol) by Gambargin

Thanks to :iconbrossuno: and :iconjoolita: for the suggestion and inspiration.

Before i start, this is just a dramatic depiction of a battle between the Women Warriors in the historically wrong sketch, as such, anatomy, perspective, scene may not bet the best as I'm still learning to improve them. Any feedback is certainly much appreciated.

This sketch is dedicated to the two characters who (were) voted the most in the pool that i have just created, to see which of the women warriors from different culture people prefer the most. you can contribute to the voting here as well.…

Historically speaking, it's actually quite absurd having Mongolians fighting battle against the Vikings, as both neither existed in their respective era. The closest depiction tat can be considered similar would be the Byzantine Varangians Elite Troops (recruited mostly from the vikings freemen) fighting against the Pechenegs, during their assault at Eski Zagra in 1122AD.

Still, in art anything is possible, hence the reason why this drawing is made in the first place. Princess (Gonji) Batuyisu Gonji Batuyisu Mangedei of the Nodai Kahanate by Gambargin is depicted as a horse archer that follows the style of typical Mongolian horse arcer, and is equipped with nomadic composite bow and stylized lamellar armor. Her stylized headgear is made with fur and decorated embroideries for aesthetic purpose. Her bow is actually quite strong and deadly. To give an idea, pulling the string is the same as lifting an 18kg object.

As for the Viking/Norse Gunhildr Freysdottir of the Nordic Kingdoms by Gambargin, Gunhilder Freysdottir is drawn with norse mail hauberk, stylized norse helmet, a large decorated shield as well as a viking throwing spear. In historical perspective, the throwing spear would be a much potent weapon to use against the closing horse archer which can be thrown to kill the horse, de-horse the rider and finish him in 1 on 1 off combat.

Who would win will be subjected to many debates and there's a few good reason to this. The Vikings did not employ cavalry in their fighting ranks, and technically speaking, being only composed of Infantry (and some archers), the Mongols could pick them off easily with their horse archers and cavalry charge. On the other hand, these battle-hardened Norsemen (and women) could employ their shield wall tactic, allowing their throwing spears and archers to pick off any incoming horse archer in a mass volley. The shield/spearwall could in theory, fend off any incoming cavalry charge and in close combat, their heavy equipment and weapons would turn any unfortunate mongols into soup.

Still, whatever the tactics and reasons maybe, it is always better for art to be enjoyed rather than debated. And to be fairly honest, i've enjoyed drawing this, and will likely to draw more from the pool results.

I would like to thank all of you who voted and inspired me with this drawing :)

Music to go with the drawing: Globus - Preriator…
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susandevy Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
currently I read book about mongol queens, and they were really awesome !
they played important roles in politics and economic as well
the mongol empire could not be that glorious without those queens,

and so this artwork add more references for my knowledge about mongol queens and warriors.
thank you for this lovely artwork :)
artlovr59 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013   Photographer

I've been looking at this picture for some time, and can't comment on the helmet or the armour, but would suggest a different quiver (see:… and other ATARN pages on Mongolian archery. Two points on the bow.
1. The Mongol bow was a very big bow, and perhaps here this cannot be seen.
2. If I'm not mistaken, I see a bracer, which the Mongols didn't use. Main reason is the use of the thumb draw and the placement of the arrow on the outside of the bow (relative to the bow arm) means it isn't necessary to use.
Hope this helps a bit,
Gambargin Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013
Woah, thank you for that :). I must admit the Mongolian has more stylistic elements than historical accuracy, but i will be sure to remodeled it accordingly in future drawings :D
artlovr59 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013   Photographer
Glad it helped! :)
bebesdupoire Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
haha, this is really an awesome depiction. warriors in action. i'm glad you made it.
Gambargin Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013
Thank you :D!

I also admire your recent drawing for ara :)
joolita Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013
It would be actually sad if they killed each other off :( I like both characters.
Gambargin Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013
Ah well, i haven't thought about killing the characters in any of my drawing, even i like them as well :P.

Maybe my next duel will involve the japanese against the other warrior women, and yeah...the more unrelated they are, the better :D
joolita Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013
That is the problem with duels, alas. It is easy for one of the sides to end up dead. I also hope this will not happen, these are great characters :D
TheAsorlinsStrike Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
To be honest they are pretty dead even groups of warriors. I really see this as a matter of terrain.

And I say even is because they excel where the others fail.
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