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Dec 4, 2016
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Gin P.H.
Hi There, Welcome to my Page! I'm just an amateur artist with limited drawing skills but a big passion for art, so all feedback is most welcomed! I speak both Indonesian and English so I'm more than happy to teach you a bit of my language if you want :)

I have a big interest in history and women warriors which you can see in my gallery. If you have any suggestion or anything, please feel free to drop me a note or comment!

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Hi All,

Hope all is well with you! First of all, I'd like to thank many of you for the new watch, comments, faves and feedback which I have been receiving lately. In all honesty, the feedback which I have been receiving in the past 6 months is what drove me to go beyond my comfort zone to improve my art. :D

As many of you know already, I am in the process of compiling the drawings for the  Historically Wrong Sketch Series: Medieval Revisited into an HWS: Medieval Women Warriors Artbook which will include 80+ drawings of women warriors depicted in practical, historically inspired armor. From the start of the year, I realized that most of my drawings are old, outdated and didn't have the same feel or the format which I want to incorporate into the artbook, so I decided to review my past works and try to perform some adjustment, and failing that, create a new sketch to best fit into the artbook. For some of the improvements, I have have divided into separate section below:

Part 1: Transforming Landscape Into Portrait Orientation

This is perhaps the most straightforward, since there only way to fit the drawing into the artbook is to actually re-draw it into portrait orientation. On the other hand, most of the drawings done in landscape were done back in 2014 which didn't have that much detail or accuracy as intended. One of the best example the drawing for the medieval french woman warrior

Comtesse lodie de Meux of Royaume de Franconie by Gambargin

As you can see, this was done in 2014 and was one of my early attempt at incorporating background. Only the main character is inked, while the rest of the background was drawn in pencil with rough sketch. Compare this to the re-drawing version below

Comtesse lodie of Royaume de Franconie (French) by Gambargin

While the basic techniques are still the same, I tried to experiment with depicting fighting on horseback, while at the same time, making the background blend nicely with the action scene. Apart from that, the whole attire went into complete re-design to better fit the historical references which will be included in the artbook :)

Apart from that, I also wanted the drawings to be more details and more believable, depicting a warrior rather than just a female model in armor. You can see the examples below:

Drawing for Chinese Culture

Princess Wu of Yang Chao (Han Chinese) by Gambargin

Compare to the recent drawing below

Wu Xuan Gongzhu of Yang Chao (Han Chinese) by Gambargin

Drawing for Byzantine/Eastern Roman Empire Culture

Empress Sotirisa of Basileia Rhiomanion (Greek) by Gambargin

Compare to the recent drawing below

Basilissa Sotirisa of Basileia Rhiomanion (Greek) by Gambargin

As you can see, the re-drawing has more detail and in my opinion, a more immersive picture, which will contribute to what I believe to be a more enjoyable reading experience for my artbook readers :)

Part 2: More Detail and More Immersion

The experience I received from re-drawing also made me review the other, less detailed and older drawings. For the past 6 months, I have been studying various historical illustrations from great artists, trying to find which area I can learn for improvement. It was from them that I began to experiment with other illustrations, trying to practice my anatomy, accuracy and adopting the use of 0.05mm for a very very tiny details. The use of such a tiny point pen helped me to put a bolder move of inking parts of the background, which were previously drawn with pencil. As such, not only I was able to create highly detailed drawings for the main character, but I could also add more details into the background. You can see the examples below:

Lady Ragna of Kongeriket Norge (Norwegian) by Gambargin > Frue Ragna of Kongeriket Norge (Norwegian) by Gambargin

Both the drawings (top & below) shows my attempt at incorporating more details and more immersions into the drawing.

Frue Ylva of Konungariket Swerighe (Swedish) by Gambargin > Grevinna Ylva of Konungariket Swerike (Swedish) by Gambargin

Below is also some example at how I revised the portrayal of the character which is more full body, one that allows more space for creativity (and detail) which fits better into the artbook.

Lady Ilda von Harzberg of Kaiserreich (Old) by Gambargin > Freiin Ilda I von Harzberg of Kaiserreich (German) by Gambargin

Deirdriu of Treibheanna na Eireann (Irish) by Gambargin > HWS Medieval Irish Woman Warrior Concept by Gambargin


With the short showcase, I wanted to re-assure you that I am still working and Improving my skills on to make the artbook project into a reality. I have to admit, the progress is rather slow given that I have to juggle my time with my work. While to some, the improvements are not that big, I must admit that all off these improvements are possible with your continuous support and feedback. I have always believed that with every new drawing, there's always room for improvement, which actually what drives and motivates me to create more art. :D

Perhaps, if any of you are currently frustrated with your art or facing an art block, you can take my example as a lesson. Good art skill doesn't come in just one night, it takes time. First thing is to set up a goal and what you want to achieve, because your art will revolve around your goals. The second most important step, is well, to finish it. As trivial as it is, to be able to set up a goal and then achieve it is actually what separates the success from the rest. People need to see results, not excuse; so keep that in mind. Lastly, always leave yourself some time for self-reflection and review your past artworks. That way, you will be able to see some room where you can improve, be it your artistic skills, or the subject of art you are dealing with, to better suit in achieving your goals. If anything, listen to critiques and feedback; most people you meet know something you don't, so it's important to keep your ears open. That being said, perhaps the most important factor out of all the three is to have confidence with your work. By confidence, it's not the "They will like my art" one, but rather, "I'll be fine if they don't" confidence :)



Who is your favourite Shieldmaiden of the HWS series? Pick a Vote :D 

40 deviants said Rus Shieldmaiden of Eastern Europe Kniazivna Rogneda of Dnieperovkaya Zemnya (Rus) by Gambargin
37 deviants said Anglo-Saxon Shieldmaiden of the Middle Ages Frua Aelfwynn of Seaxna Rice (Anglo-Saxons) by Gambargin
32 deviants said Norse (Vendel age) Shieldmaiden of Migration Era HWS Migration Era Norse Shieldmaiden Concept by Gambargin
31 deviants said Norse Shieldmaiden of the Viking Age Gunnhildr Freysdottir of Vikingrunionen (Norse) by Gambargin
23 deviants said Norse-Gaellic (Hiberno-Norse) Shieldmaiden of Medieval Ireland HWS Medieval Irish Woman Warrior Concept by Gambargin
21 deviants said Baltic Pagan (Lithuania, others) Shieldmaiden of Middle Ages HWS Medieval Baltic Woman Warrior Concept by Gambargin
4 deviants said Old Saxon Shieldmaiden of the Migration Era HWS Migration Era (Old) Saxon Shieldmaiden Concept by Gambargin


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sporgasbored Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Your art is amazing. Thank you for creating. 
yereverluvinuncleber Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2016  Professional Interface Designer
Welcome to the group - please submit all your stuff as often as you like, I only personally invite those that I think have skill. Please submit your stuff to the traditional art folder.
kanyiko Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Finally, somebody who draws actual decent and practical female armors! :la:

Also - awesome artwork! :la:
Shabazik Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2016  Hobbyist
Realy awesome work, really enjoyed your drawings series!
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MegaMaeve Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh wow, I'm so glad I stumbled across your page! Your art style, your accuracy - everything about your art is simply stunning! Thank you for sharing all this; I've never been more impressed by anyone's gallery! Brilliant works!
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