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Gin P.H.
Hi There, Welcome to my Page! I'm just an amateur artist with limited drawing skills but a big passion for art, so all feedback is most welcomed! I speak both Indonesian and English so I'm more than happy to teach you a bit of my language if you want :)

I have a big interest in history and women warriors which you can see in my gallery. If you have any suggestion or anything, please feel free to drop me a note or comment!

Visit me on Facebook and help support my page!
Hi All,

Hope you've been doing well! I haven't written an update or see much activity here in DA in the past few months as I have been busy building up my art profile in facebook and Instagram (less on the later). But nevertheless, I'm happy to announce that for my Historically Wrong Sketch Series - Medieval Series project, It's finally nearing its completion.

For those who are not aware, the series deals with the portrayal of Women Warriors in historically inspired armors based on the 800s AD to 1400s AD era of warfare. At the moment, the series has more than 80+ cultures listed and each drawing portrays the historical attires specific to that culture and time :). The series will be turned into an artbook once the drawing is completed, and you can find more info below here  HWS: Medieval Women Warriors Artbook (Update). :)

So far, if following the list, the HWS series has about 48 European culture listed, out of which, 47 have been drawn, leaving out medieval Croatia as the last drawing. Once this is completed, I can move on to the remaining drawings of other eastern cultures to complete the artbook.

The few sample pages can be seen below

Intro Sample 1 by Gambargin Valois-Burgundy Sample Page 2 by Gambargin
Norman Sample page 1 by Gambargin

Also, I realized that after reviewing my sample pages, reading the descriptions can be tedious and boring. So I will try to reduce the reading material and instead, fill the gap with these sketches to help with visualization, alongside the main drawing and historical references. So, apart from 80+ main drawings of HWS women warriors in various period arms and armor, you also get to see 80+ chibi drawings too in the final artbook! Here's a few sample of the "cute/chibified" HWS medieval women warriors which will be implemented in the final artbook to make the reading experience more pleasant

That being said, I'm still constantly reviewing the draft, layout and what to put/omit so that the drawings and the accompanied description can be presented in the most attractive way to readers of all ages and background.

Please wish me luck so that I may blessed with continuous strength and drive to complete it the artbook by somewhere mid-this year!

NB: To those wishes to reach me the fastest for the time being, please contact me on my FB (Gambargin) as it goes directly to my phone. Unfortunately, it's harder to keep track of messages in DA :(


Below are the list of all the 48 Medieval European cultures that will be represented in the final book. They are further divided into corresponding geographical/ethnolinguistic group, each compiled into different chapters of the book.

Chapter I - Shieldmaidens
Norse Viking, Anglo-Saxons, Norwegian, Swedish (Svear), Danish (Danes).

Gunnhildr Freysdottir of Vikingrunionen (Norse) by Gambargin Frua Aelfwynn of Seaxna Rice (Anglo-Saxons) by Gambargin Frue Ragna of Kongeriket Norge (Norwegian) by Gambargin Grevinna Ylva of Konungariket Swerike (Swedish) by Gambargin Hertuginde Ingegerd of Kongeriget Danmark (Danish) by Gambargin

Chapter II - Feudal Western Europe
Normans, France, Occitania, Low-Counties, Burgundy (valois), Late Medieval-English

Baronne Aubrey of Duche de Normannie (Norman) by Gambargin Comtesse lodie of Royaume de Franconie (French) by Gambargin Dauphine Tibors d Bordeu of Ducat d Aquitana by Gambargin Frida van Brugge of Kroon-Nederlanden (Flemish) by Gambargin HWS Late Medieval Burgundian Woman Warrior Concept by Gambargin Duchess Edith IV of Kingdom of Albion (English) by Gambargin

Chapter III - Iberian Peninsula
Castillan-Spanish-Basque, Portuguese, Catalan, Andalusian

Infanta Urraca of Reino di Iberia (Basque/Spanish) by Gambargin Infante Berengaria of Reino de Porto (Portuguese) by Gambargin Ximena de Torello of Corona de Catalunya (Catalan) by Gambargin Saris Bat-Binyamin of Imarat Al-andalus (Jewish) by Gambargin

Chapter IV - The Celts
Irish (Gaelic), Scottish (Gaelic), Wales, Breton (Brittany).

HWS Medieval Irish Woman Warrior Concept by Gambargin HWS Medieval Scots (Gaelic) Woman Warrior Concept by Gambargin Tywysoges Gwenhwyfar ferch Pwyll of Cymry (Wales) by Gambargin Morganez de Gwened of Dugelezh Breizh (Breton) by Gambargin

Chapter V - The Holy Roman Empire
Central German, Western German, Northen German (Hansa), Eastern German, Southern German (Carolingian Swabia), Austrian, Bohemian (Czech), Hussites (Czech), Landsknecht.

Freiin Ilda I von Harzberg of Kaiserreich (German) by Gambargin Herzogin Katharina von Lothringen of Kaiserreich by Gambargin von Waldheim Siblings of Kaiserreich Hansa by Gambargin Reichsfrau Oda von Meissen of Kaiserreich (German) by Gambargin Markgrafin Henrike von Onolzbach of Kaiserreich by Gambargin Herzogin Agnes von Bamberg of Ostarrichi (Austria) by Gambargin HWS Medieval Czech (Bohemia) Woman Warrior Concept by Gambargin Zdislava of Velke Kravlotsvi (Bohemia) by Gambargin HWS Medieval Female Landsknecht Concept by Gambargin

Chapter VI - Italian Peninsula
Southern Italy (Italo-Norman), Italian Mercenaries, Italian Merchant Republics

The de Argentants of Mezzogiorno (Italo-Norman) by Gambargin HWS Medieval Italian Condottiera Concept by Gambargin Patrizia Giovanna of Repubblica di Marina (Italy) by Gambargin

Chapter VII - Eastern Europe and the Taiga
Polish (Poland), Baltic (Lithuanian), Rus (Kievan), Eastern Slav (Russian Principalities), Finnish (Finno-Ugric), Komi-Permiyan (Finno-Ugric).

HWS Medieval Polish Woman Warrior Concept by Gambargin HWS Medieval Baltic Woman Warrior Concept by Gambargin Kniazivna Rogneda of Dnieperovkaya Zemnya (Rus) by Gambargin HWS Medieval Russian (Slav) Woman Warrior Concept by Gambargin HWS Medieval Finn (Suomi) Woman Warrior Concept by Gambargin Shochynava of Ydzhyt Permiya Oksumu (Komi-Zyrian) by Gambargin

Chapter VIII - Carpathia and Balkan
Hungarian (Magyar), Serbian, Bulgarian, Romanian (Vlach), Croatian*

Haraszt-Hazi Orsolya of Karpati Kiralysag (Magyar) by Gambargin Zupanija Dragoslava of Kraljevina Srebija (Serbia) by Gambargin Bolyarka Stoyanka of Blagarsko Tsarstvo (Bulgaria) by Gambargin Paraschiva de Orastienu of Tara Vlahilor (Vlach) by Gambargin

Chapter IX - Byzantine, Anatolia and Caucasus
Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantines), Varangian Guard (Byzantines), Armenian, Georgian (Kartvelian), Ottoman (Anatolian Turks).

Basilissa Sotirisa of Basileia Rhiomanion (Greek) by Gambargin HWS Medieval Female Varangian Guard Concept by Gambargin Vardanoush ve Sargistuni of Kavkaus Hayk (Armenia) by Gambargin Nino Padlashvili of Kavkasia Samepo (Georgian) by Gambargin Aslihan Hatun of Devlet-i Orhanliyye (Ottoman) by Gambargin

Croatia has not been completed at the time of this writing.

All drawings and its association with Historically Wrong Sketch series are the property of Gambargin.



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Sashimono Featured By Owner 6 days ago
You are really great and you love History, Warriors and Fighting Women, Warriorhood and maybe also Classic (High) Adventure etc.
- that is really wonderful - and very speical for a Women - but it is also Natural and everything that is natural - but also good and
NOT Dark has the Blessing of God (Yahweh). May God Bless you and preserve you and may you develop your Art even further
with time !
Kyrhor Featured By Owner May 21, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
OMG ! I love woman warrior Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] I always admire them ! Myself worship cold steel and armour :)
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mauank Featured By Owner Edited May 14, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
i think u like this work
Ottoman Girl
sambeawesome Featured By Owner May 11, 2017
Thank you so much for the watch! I Love You Emote I really appreciate it and I'm glad you like my artwork Huggle! 
If you'd like, feel free to check out my YouTubeTwitchTwitter, or Facebook.big pink heart 
NikosBoukouvalas Featured By Owner May 9, 2017
Splendid art with amazing detail! Keep it up!
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